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Well long time no see.

I have been away again for far too long...sorry.

But I have news.

I am now working for it's an on line news paper that focus on Pop Culture topics. I just wrote my second article here's the link.

I am still at and writing my Yaoi reviews  I have published 5 new reviews here is my newest link:

Let's see, I just sent my novel Two Timers out to a publisher, cross your fingers.

I'm working on the second novel in that series and working on a Sci-Fi called the Offering.

I'm in the finial stage for editing number 4 in the Pet Sitting series. And I have to say it's super hot.XXX. ;)

I'm sorry for being gone for so long I will try to keep this up to date I swear.

Thanks to all who stop by and read my post.