Editing new story

Sorry for not writing on here. I am in the middle of editing a new title and found a wonderful editor on gayauthors.org.
We're on Chapter 8 and I'm happy to say she is loving my story and I love her help. I hope she will continue to help me with my other works.
The working title is "The Harlequin" I'm going to add The Two Timers Series later because it will continue. the story blur is: Adam Potter wanted to start a new life with detective agency. His first case fell from a tree. A wealthy client named Patrick Valdez was being chased by a masked stalker in a cemetery. Adam has to race to stop the Harlequin, before he becomes his next victim.
The tags are: Cosplay/mature/adult/crime/fighting/gay/workplace/androids/
If you want to read it for free it's on the site above under the name: keyisfake.
Please leave a comment I would love to read it.
Well that's it for now. Promise not to take so long to check in here.
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