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Yes, that’s right I’m coming to terms with no recognitions but for some reason, I don’t care. The stories in my head are still developing, and the love of writing is still strong. I don’t believe I made any mistakes in quitting my job and starting my writing career. Sure I have a lot of haters who want me to fail and say I made a big mistake, but I still don’t feel it. I have a small group of fans who stay true to me, and that’s okay because if they enjoy what I write then there’s nothing more I should want.
I know a lot of writers who died penniless but years later their words touched enough people giving them the acknowledgement they deserve. I might be one of them—it’s ashamed I might be dead—but what are you going to do?
I just want the stories, inside me, to entertain the small group that do believe in me and oh well with the rest.
So to all writers who feel they're invisible, pushed to the back of the line and left out? Don’t give up—because there’s still that small group that…

Great News


Release Day New Audio

Punishing Puppet is now up for sale on Please all enjoy. And thanks for your support. And if you could leave a small review.