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First I like everyone to know that my three audios are selling on Train Wreak read by the wonderful Cheyanne Humble , Pet Sitting read by Sarah Lindsey, and Puppet Master read by Charlie Hughes and soon to be released Puppet's Lesson read again by Sarah Lindsey.
You can find all my titles on Amazon. D.D. Watson.

I checked with my agent and he told me I'm 20th in line for my first gay tale Our First Meeting to be edit. :( Oh well it's giving me time to work on my other two novels Adam Potter Mystery and "The Offering" my first Science Fiction.  
Both Gay M/M Fiction.

Here's some photos that motivated me to write. As I said before I do not own these photos but I do send good vibes out to the ones who took them. Thank you.

 This is my dirty thoughts.

A King and his best men.

This looks like it came from outer space.
 Wonderful Movie.
  I love this cover.
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