Update for Aduiobook Pet Sitting

Sarah Lindsey a wonderful narrative will be reading my Pet Sitting series starting with Pet Sitting:
It will be sold on Audiobook.com coming in October 2014


Young professional seeks a responsible person to pet-sit for him. The duties include: Feeding/ Cleaning/ Caring/ and training, but mostly playing. The sitting job will range from evenings for 1 to 2 hours. A trial sitting for one day will be reviewed, $250 cash for each day of sitting.

Jessie couldn’t believe her luck; the pay was perfect but the flyer probably belonged to that girl she ran into. Then again, there was no way she could track her down—so her loss. The address and phone number was at the bottom of the flyer.  She decided that after class, she would call the owner.

Jessie called Puppet’s name again feeling the animal was shy. She was about to look under the bed when she heard a tap on the closed closet door. Jessie is shocked.

“He kept his pet in a closed closet?” she was furious and scared. She hurried to the closet and cautiously opened the door, worried that the animal might jump out and attack her from being locked up all day.

Slowly inching the door open, her eyes widened at the sight before her.

Thrusting the door fully open, she found a nude female lying on the floor; hands bound behind her back by handcuffs, her ankles tied together with twine that was cutting into her skin, and her mouth gagged with a red ball held in place by straps attached behind her head. Even her breasts were each bound with kite string and her nipples were in what looked like clamps; they dangled sliver metal balls no bigger than a quarter, pulling her nipples towards the floor.

Jessie stared at the female, who looked about her age. Her flesh was covered with welts from her tits, stomach, thighs, her back, ass checks and feet. She wanted to turn away but couldn’t. She felt wetness forming between her legs wondering if he did this to her and why?

The bound victim’s young face seemed to be frozen as if she was dead. Her eyes, light hazel, with a slight slant to them, seem glassy.  Her long, brownish red hair, was done up in big curls, its length was past her shoulders, hung loosely over her apple-shape face and her long slim neck. Her skin, a creamy, glowed from the redden marks that decorated her flesh.

Jessie’s mind was floating. Her eyes couldn’t stop drinking in the captive soul. Until—she flinched.

“She’s alive—not dead,” thought Jessie. The bound figure looked at Jessie, who continued to stare.

Remembering where she was, Jessie dropped to her knees and removed the ball gag from the girl’s mouth.

“Are you alright?” Jessie asked, but she received no response. Then Jessie proceeded to untie her ankles.  “Who did this to you? Was it a burglar?”  This time the girl signaled no, by moving her head. The handcuffs proved to be a problem for Jessie. She couldn’t find a key anywhere near the girl. “If it wasn’t a burglar then who was it?”

Still, no answer came from the girl. Jessie glanced at the clamps and the girl’s tortured nipples. She reached to remove them but was denied by the girl speaking…

“No, don’t,” she said, plainly without a hint of fear. Jessie was speechless. The girl looked over Jessie then spoke again. “Can you help me sit up?”

“Yes—of course.” Jessie complied by grabbing hold of the girls shoulder and pulling her into a sitting position. The girl leans back against the closet wall, spreading her legs for Jessie to see her freshly shaved pussy. All Jessie could do was stare at the nude girl, sitting as if this was all normal to her.

“You’re new,” the girl stated.

Jessie blinked then swallowed hard before answering.

“New? I don’t understand what you mean?”

“He’ll enjoy this,” she continued ignoring Jessie.

“He’ll enjoy what?” states Jessie.

“He left you instructions.”

“Who are you talking about? Who are you?”

Still ignoring Jessie’s questions, “…behind you, on the dresser.”

Jessie saw she wasn’t going to get any answers from her so she rose and approach the dresser. There in plain view was another note. This one was a list…

How to care for Puppet

1. Playtime

2. Bath

3. Feed

4. Bedtime

“Could it be?” thought Jessie, looking back at the girl then back at the list in her hand. “Could she be…Puppet?” Jessie turned around and there in the middle of the room sat the girl on her hind legs, with her wrist still behind her, staring at her.

Taking a step towards the girl, Jessie asks…

“Are you Puppet?”


“Come on, I need to know.  Are you Mr. Utter’s pet, Puppet?”

“Yes, I am.”

Bewildered, Jessie leaned back against the dresser. “How can this be?”

“What be?” asks Puppet.

“This…you…a pet.”

“I have no problem with it. Why should you?”

“Because—it’s wrong,” Jessie wasn’t sure that was true in her heart because her body was reacting in a good way about it.

“To whom?”

“To you.”

“It seems you are the only one with the problem, Jessie.”

“How do you know my name?”

“My Master told me.”

“See, this is wrong. You shouldn’t be calling anyone Master.”

“Why? That’s who he is to me.”

“I should have known this was too good to be true.”

“You’re wasting time, his time.”

Jessie watched as Puppet sat back, allowing her wrist to curl under her hips and buttocks, pulled them forward under her knees and over her legs and feet. Her wrist still cuffed sat now in her lap.

“Wow, I could never do that,” said Jessie.
“Have you ever been cuffed?” asks Puppet.

She blushed from embarrassment. “No, never.”

“Then how do you know you couldn’t?”

“I guess I don’t. Hey, what are you doing?!” Puppet crawled over and started to pull down Jessie’s pants. Jessie grabbed Puppet’s wrist, stopping her.

“Doing the first thing on the list. That is what you were hired for, isn’t it? To follow the list?”

“I was hired to pet-sit.”

“Well, do your job.”

“But you’re not…”

“A pet. Of course, I am.” Puppet continued to remove Jessie’s pants even though Jessie tried to put up a fight. Puppet released her, sitting back on her hind legs, seeming annoyed. “I don’t like this,” she said plainly.

Jessie pulled up her pants that Puppet let go but part of her wished she didn’t stop. She looked at Puppet who is pouting.

“Look, this is way over my head. I thought you were a dog, a cat, or a turtle.”

“What differences does it make?”

“A big difference.”

“Then why haven’t you left?”


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