New cover for 4th book in Pet Sitting Series

Puppet never thought of herself as a troublemaker but when she
 defied her Master, she knew she needed to get punished.

Troy Utter adores Puppet as his pet. Recently, he finds her behavior

in helping herself without permission troubling. So with her latest

defiance, Troy decides to take her to The Island…a remote isle

where pets are trained and punished by Shawn.

Muscular, handsome, ruthless and a sadist, Shawn doesn’t hide

who he is, with handlers and pets at his beckon. He puts Puppet

through the ringer for his oldest and surrogate brother, Troy.

Will Shawn’s and Troy’s friendship get severed?

Will Puppet survive Shawn’s tactics to gain answers?

Past are reviled…and secrets exposed…

Here's the cover of my soon to be released title. The title was changed from The Island and is now called:

Pet Sitting, Book 4

Punishing Puppet

Hot Erotic Hardcore

Coming to I will keep you all up dated. for now please enjoy my other titles at    Facebook

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