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Update for Aduiobook Pet Sitting

Sarah Lindsey a wonderful narrative will be reading my Pet Sitting series starting with Pet Sitting:
It will be sold on coming in October 2014

Young professional seeks a responsible person to pet-sit for him. The duties include: Feeding/ Cleaning/ Caring/ and training, but mostly playing. The sitting job will range from evenings for 1 to 2 hours. A trial sitting for one day will be reviewed, $250 cash for each day of sitting.
Jessie couldn’t believe her luck; the pay was perfect but the flyer probably belonged to that girl she ran into. Then again, there was no way she could track her down—so her loss. The address and phone number was at the bottom of the flyer.She decided that after class, she would call the owner.
Jessie called Puppet’s name again feeling the animal was shy. She was about to look under the bed when she heard a tap on the closed closet door. Jessie is shocked.
“He kept his pet in a closed closet?” she was furious and scared. She hur…

News Audiobook!!!!!

Cool news. I'd auditioned a reader for one of my books "Pet Sitting" for audiobooks .com / (her voice is so sexy) and she accepted and said she would read the whole series if I liked the end result.

Punishing Puppet is out!

The Island is out and It's ready to buy. The new title is "Punishing Puppet" and please if you buy please leave a review.



New cover for 4th book in Pet Sitting Series

Puppet never thought of herself as a troublemaker but when she
defied her Master, she knew she needed to get punished.
Troy Utter adores Puppet as his pet. Recently, he finds her behavior

in helping herself without permission troubling. So with her latest

defiance, Troy decides to take her to The Island…a remote isle

where pets are trained and punished by Shawn.
Muscular, handsome, ruthless and a sadist, Shawn doesn’t hide

who he is, with handlers and pets at his beckon. He puts Puppet

through the ringer for his oldest and surrogate brother, Troy.
Will Shawn’s and Troy’s friendship get severed?
Will Puppet survive Shawn’s tactics to gain answers?
Past are reviled…and secrets exposed…
Here's the cover of my soon to be released title. The title was changed from The Island and is now called:

Pet Sitting, Book 4
Punishing Puppet
Hot Erotic Hardcore

Coming to I will keep you all up dated. for now please enjoy my other titles at…


Okay to start I do not own any of these images there just here for visual aid. This is my next title a waiting on an editors desk called:
"The Island"
So our little Puppet has been a bad girl and her Master is teaching her a lesson in obeying by taking her to a private island own by him and another.

Michael who is the Master of The Island is fair but hard. He and Troy owns The Island But Michael rules it.

The Island is a pleasure place not for the faint of heart. No one is forced or held against their well.
Puppet is given a chilly welcome. And warm burning lust thrust through her body and she loves every minute of it.

Our First Meeting

Cross comes in and he's not an innocent. He actually stole Arian's notebook and also brought in Simon to fund it all. Working in a Gentlemen's Club called The Teahouse, Cross heart melted when he first laid eyes on Arian and was determined to make him his. No matter the cost.
Arian is taken on a trip that not even he wants to return from. This is a new title I sent in to a publisher that is copy written. But as for the photos they are not mine.

Our First Meeting

Simon is the rich antagonist from Arian's fantasies. He takes the writer on a sexual journey that controls every inch of his body.

Our First Meeting

Continuing Our First Meeting:

On a class trip to a museum our young writer Arian meets a fantasy come true:

Next title: Our First Meeting

I want to talk about a new title I'm trying to get published. It's called "Out First Meeting".
It's about a stolen notebook taken from a young man who kept his most deepest sexual desires in it.