The train arrived just as we approached and he hurried me on board. He placed my bags on an empty seat closest to the window and he sat beside them, making me stand next to him.

“Don’t move,” he ordered. As the train started off he waited until we were in the tunnel before I felt his hand open my jeans and tug them down.

I couldn’t believe he was ravishing me again as I felt his fingers touching my mound, weaving his fingers though my soft hair.

He looked around me and eyed men approaching me from behind, noticing my lowered pants. Right away I felt hands on my cheeks and cupping my breast. Again I looked around and from what I could tell I was the only woman. The wetness between my legs was building as my clothes were removed and my arms were held by two different men.

I didn’t put up a fight; I wanted them to enjoy me, to pleasure me. I stood naked and vulnerable as Vincent pushed my legs apart and began to lick my click with great haste. I rolled my hips as another man kneeled behind me and feasted on my tender ass with his tongue. My head floated as my large breasts and hard raisins were taken between teeth and lips. I released my musky secretion as my pleasure makers brought me over the edge.

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