“Yes, Master.” Gabriel has no idea what is in store for him until a man enters the adult shop where he works. Soon he finds out that the things he’s been selling the past six years are going to be used on him by this man he can only dream of. Losing his virginity and discovering a whole new world are worth it when he’s beside his Master Jin. Jin knows what he wants, and it’s not the whip he buys in the adult shop but the man who sold it to him. He’s the kind of guy who is ready to do his bidding. When, over dinner, they agree on what Gabriel is getting into, Jin knows he’s going to enjoy his new pet. But three months into their relationship, Gabriel makes the mistake of forgetting the rules and of his place. Jin hands him over to someone who might be able to train him to become a better pet. Will this separation train Gabriel, or will it only make him lose his Master? SAMPLE: “Turn over on your stomach and point your arse in the air.” Gabriel obeyed but feared the outcome may make him cum too soon. His Master removed his robe and tossed it aside. He moved to the bed and under a pillow he retrieved a small-handled whip that Gabriel recognized. “Put your arms straight out, palms down and don’t you dare drop your arse.” “Yes, Master.” But as soon as the words passed his lips, the punishment began as each of Gabriel’s ass cheeks was struck with such force that red marks were left behind. Gabriel clawed at the rug as his cries went on deaf ears as his Master swung forward and back landing a perfect strike on the two honey orbs. What seemed like hours lasted a few minutes as Jin’s cock grew hard and needed attention. He dropped to his knees stroking his erection. He pushed into Gabriel’s velvet tunnel without warning, causing him to cry out and arch his back as Jin grasped a fistfull of his silky hair and pulled his head back.

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