So I got news that my book is still having the cover worked on. They say their having trouble finding models to match what I want.
Come on one guy is Asian, and the other is light brown skin which could be American Indian, Spanish or African American their not a new kind of being their models. Stock photos are taken all over the world you mean they can’t find one matching what I asked for?
So anyway I sent word that torso shots are fine so long as they’re the right skin color. I hope they’re able to do that.
I’ll keep you up to date with this.
But on a positive note I’ve written the best ending for my continuing Pet Sitting Series called The Island I just need to edit it two more time and I’ll send it in.
My next project is finishing “Our First Meeting” an M/M tale of a college student writing his fantasies in a notebook and it getting stolen. Suddenly all his fantasies start coming to life, and he’s the star. Heavy sex scenes. CO
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