She could see Master loved her. He could see Puppet’s devotion to him…

Puppet misses her Master after two weeks of being without him. She misses his commanding presence, and longs for how content she feels submitting to all his demands.

Master - sexy, powerful Troy Utter - has been away on a business trip. But he has special plans for Puppet upon his return. He sends her written instructions: get dressed, get into a cab… and get inside a movie theater.

But it’s not just any movie theater. The film is hot and the audience all-male and all-too-eager to get their hands on Puppet. She does not want anyone else touching her except for her Master so she attempts to fend them off.

That is, until Master appears from the shadows and orders: “Obey, Puppet. Obey.” Puppet has no plans of disappointing him and lets the men feast on her, all for her Master’s pleasure.

*This sizzling sequel to Pet Sitting is a hot romance for mature audiences.

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