The duties include: Feeding/ Cleaning/ Caring/ and training, but mostly playing…”

20-year old college student Jessie Heller wants to go on a Eurotrip with her friends. She needs extra funds though, and responds to a flyer for a pet sitting job.

The job and the pay seem perfect, and the pet owner who interviews her, Troy Utter, is nice. Jessie couldn’t believe her luck. Things begin to unravel on her first day, however. When she arrives at her employer’s home, charming Mr. Utter’s pet turns out to be a female named Puppet, bound up and kept in a closet!

Jessie was expecting a dog or a cat, not a beautiful young woman who had a thing for domineering men. But alluring Puppet convinces Jessie that taking care of her won’t be a chore. In fact, ‘playing,’ bathing and feeding turns out to be enjoyable for them both. That is, until pet owner Troy, whom Puppet calls ‘Master,’ shows up. He has very specific requirements for a pet sitter, and Jessie finds herself helplessly drawn into their lives, wanting nothing more than to gain the approval of Master Troy...

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