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Comment for The Camping Trip

I received a wonderful comment on my short gay fiction; This came from a free site called my link is

On Date:Aug 30, 2014Commentor Name:fakesubmite On Title:Camping TripIn Genre:Gay and LesbianComments Given:To tell the honest truth, I've never read a gay erotica, because I've never liked them. Yet, this was sooooo good and left me wanting more! You seriously AMAZE me with your beautiful writing skills. I hope that you update on this, or your other story, I still have not forgotten. Love you and your skills!


“Yes, Master.” Gabriel has no idea what is in store for him until a man enters the adult shop where he works. Soon he finds out that the things he’s been selling the past six years are going to be used on him by this man he can only dream of. Losing his virginity and discovering a whole new world are worth it when he’s beside his Master Jin. Jin knows what he wants, and it’s not the whip he buys in the adult shop but the man who sold it to him. He’s the kind of guy who is ready to do his bidding. When, over dinner, they agree on what Gabriel is getting into, Jin knows he’s going to enjoy his new pet. But three months into their relationship, Gabriel makes the mistake of forgetting the rules and of his place. Jin hands him over to someone who might be able to train him to become a better pet. Will this separation train Gabriel, or will it only make him lose his Master? SAMPLE: “Turn over on your stomach and point your arse in the air.” Gabriel obeyed but feared the outcome may make …


Puppet swallowed her fear, knowing her Master did not like to wait…

Troy Utter is a successful man who can afford exotic tastes – including an appetite for controlling his ‘pet’ Puppet, a beautiful submissive.

Most of the time, Puppet tries to behave and Master doesn’t have to punish her. It’s just that lately, the Master works hard and Puppet gets bored. Upon seeing two male gardeners making out, she gets hot. She shows herself off to all the gardeners, including a female one, whom she fantasizes about. Master is not happy with his pet’s behavior.

Puppet is summoned for a new kind of punishment: swimming lessons. The Master throws doggy bones in the water, which Puppet must fetch. Every bone she fails to fetch merits punishment later on.

Too bad / too good for Puppet, water is not quite her strong suit. Looks like Master has to pull out all the toys, starting with the paddle, the clothes pins and the whip…

*This is the third part of the sizzling BDSM series, Pet Sitting, full of sul…


She could see Master loved her. He could see Puppet’s devotion to him…

Puppet misses her Master after two weeks of being without him. She misses his commanding presence, and longs for how content she feels submitting to all his demands.

Master - sexy, powerful Troy Utter - has been away on a business trip. But he has special plans for Puppet upon his return. He sends her written instructions: get dressed, get into a cab… and get inside a movie theater.

But it’s not just any movie theater. The film is hot and the audience all-male and all-too-eager to get their hands on Puppet. She does not want anyone else touching her except for her Master so she attempts to fend them off.

That is, until Master appears from the shadows and orders: “Obey, Puppet. Obey.” Puppet has no plans of disappointing him and lets the men feast on her, all for her Master’s pleasure.

*This sizzling sequel to Pet Sitting is a hot romance for mature audiences.



The duties include: Feeding/ Cleaning/ Caring/ and training, but mostly playing…”

20-year old college student Jessie Heller wants to go on a Eurotrip with her friends. She needs extra funds though, and responds to a flyer for a pet sitting job.

The job and the pay seem perfect, and the pet owner who interviews her, Troy Utter, is nice. Jessie couldn’t believe her luck. Things begin to unravel on her first day, however. When she arrives at her employer’s home, charming Mr. Utter’s pet turns out to be a female named Puppet, bound up and kept in a closet!

Jessie was expecting a dog or a cat, not a beautiful young woman who had a thing for domineering men. But alluring Puppet convinces Jessie that taking care of her won’t be a chore. In fact, ‘playing,’ bathing and feeding turns out to be enjoyable for them both. That is, until pet owner Troy, whom Puppet calls ‘Master,’ shows up. He has very specific requirements for a pet sitter, and Jessie finds herself helplessly…


The train arrived just as we approached and he hurried me on board. He placed my bags on an empty seat closest to the window and he sat beside them, making me stand next to him.
“Don’t move,” he ordered. As the train started off he waited until we were in the tunnel before I felt his hand open my jeans and tug them down.
I couldn’t believe he was ravishing me again as I felt his fingers touching my mound, weaving his fingers though my soft hair.
He looked around me and eyed men approaching me from behind, noticing my lowered pants. Right away I felt hands on my cheeks and cupping my breast. Again I looked around and from what I could tell I was the only woman. The wetness between my legs was building as my clothes were removed and my arms were held by two different men.
I didn’t put up a fight; I wanted them to enjoy me, to pleasure me. I stood naked and vulnerable as Vincent pushed my legs apart and began to lick my click with great haste. I rolled my hips as another man kneeled behind …

For Sale: The Camping Trip by D.D. Watson

It's here I can't believe it it's finally out for sale. For anyone who reads this and buy thank you so much.
Here's the link:
My new cover to my first published gay fiction. I can't tell you how happy this makes me.
I'll write back when it's finally released on

News and More Good News

So I’ve finished with my next title of the Pet Sitting Series. It’s called “The Island” and it’s more fun adventures for Puppet because she gets to meet her Master Troy’s best friend, Shawn. Shawn runs the Island with a heavy hand and is most of the time wearing nothing but an open robe. He has handlers and pets at his disposal and really puts his heart into whipping Puppet. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Anyway, got good news about “The Camping Trip” my first soon to be published gay short story. I just saw the new cover and I’m thrill to say it was worth the wait. I just have to wait for the proof to approve it and it’s a done deal. I hope all of you will enjoy it and I have test pages on a free site if you would like to read a little before buying.

Test Pages

Please enjoy the first 5 test chapters for my new story that I'm working on at BooksieSilk here's the link.


So I got news that my book is still having the cover worked on. They say their having trouble finding models to match what I want.
Come on one guy is Asian, and the other is light brown skin which could be American Indian, Spanish or African American their not a new kind of being their models. Stock photos are taken all over the world you mean they can’t find one matching what I asked for?
So anyway I sent word that torso shots are fine so long as they’re the right skin color. I hope they’re able to do that.
I’ll keep you up to date with this.
But on a positive note I’ve written the best ending for my continuing Pet Sitting Series called The Island I just need to edit it two more time and I’ll send it in.
My next project is finishing “Our First Meeting” an M/M tale of a college student writing his fantasies in a notebook and it getting stolen. Suddenly all his fantasies start coming to life, and he’s the star. Heavy sex scenes. CO


I don't know what's going on with Amazon review function. But if anyone wants to review any of my titles be do so at Goodreads here's my link.

Or here at my blog.
Please if you have read any of my work a review would help me continue a series or fix it.
So tired hearing Amazon tell me that they don't know why no reviews are showing up.
So I'm taking other routes.