Next Book Announcement !!!!!

Writing is hard but amazing....
I'm sitting here at 12:47 a.m. announcing that my fifth ebook/paperback will be coming out soon. I just received word from my agent that it's being finalized. Also I like to say this will be my first gay short story but not the last.
As far as I know it will be called "The Camping Trip", and it's in the same universe as the Pet Sitting series. When I receive the Proof for the cover I'll post it here.
I can't believe I still get butterflies from knowing that my work is being published. I can't tell any of you how long I dreamed of this and never believed it would come true.
from a very young age I self taught myself to read and write because I wanted to share the stories swimming in my head.
And now it's happening.
Thanks for all the support and for believing in me.
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