Since I last posted I have been trying to write and have been succeeding. I made sure I typed no less then 1000 words a day.
So far I've been doing that but I have been having strange dreams about fear, falling, explosions and batteries--yes I said batteries.
I looked these strange thing up and found I was drained and needed to recharge.
As a writer the only way I can see to recharge myself is to read or listen to an audiobook so I picked up "Dirty Kiss" by Rhys Ford I'm on chapter 7 of the audiobook so I will not give away any of the story because I like to review a book once I'm done it.
But I can say I got hook from page one. Character development, scene description, plot is so far on the mark. I've read her other titles of the Sinner's Series and loved them now I'm falling for a new batch of characters.
And I must say after reading a few chapters today I just finished my first draft to a part 4 in my Pet Sitting Series and my dreams are now coming out with me being empowered and recharged. So a good book was all it took.
P.S. And chocolate brownie Eddy's ice cream--but the book was number one.

D.D. Watson
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