Working on a story I wrote last year for fun and what was to be a short story has become a novel.
And that's okay because it's turned into something really great and a bit personal.
The story is called "Our First Meeting" and it's a bout a notebook full of sexy fantasies, which is my personal part, and three males one who wrote in the notebook, one who stole it and the other who made the fantasies all come true. It's a gay erotic tale of strange love.
Anyway, my better half told me to save all my work to the cloud; now I'm sure that most, if not all, knows about the cloud so I won't get into that but what I discovered was craziness. I've always saved my work on my computer then my better half gave me a flash-drive which was handy if I ever worked on another computer from home. Now I'm told I should always use the cloud now, I'm not self aware about most things so after leaving this story alone for about 6 months and then having this crazy urge to work on it brought me to now.
Finding that I had three locations for it and I had to decided which one was the most recent one that I wanted to keep.
Throwing out my old writing is like throwing out old tax forms it's too terrifying to perform so today I had to measure out the size of the file, the context of the file and the flow of my few spread out times of editing I did;-- forgetting I had saved this several times.
A happy ending is that I picked the file that I felt was closest to what I was aiming at and with the great Oz by my side I hope this will never happen again. To anyone.
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